5.3.1 What is VNC?
Posted by Evita Lin on 18 February 2017 04:48 PM

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a remotely control system that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to another computer.

It is an open source software developed by Cambridge University AT&T lab.


  • Browser with Java-enabled can use, no need to install the VNC Viewer.
  • When logging in the host computer, the other user can still uses it normally without being logout.


  • Cannot transfer any files via VNC.
  • Because VNC transfers "graphics" over the network, it takes up more bandwidth.
  • Switching input method is more inconvenient; mainly involves the rapid key combination of transmission problems.


If VNC cannot connect, please check:


  • Does Java7 be installed ?
  • Does the host turn off its firewall ?
  • Make sure that VNC SERVER has be turned on.


Get into the Control Panel interface and click on the VNC function, it will show the screen.

Control Panel: http: //


Win7 or Win10 is recommended to choose "HTML5 VNC Client SSL"

And remember to allow bouncing windows. (IE / Firefox / Chrome)


The "Java VNC Client" requires Java version 7 or under version 7.

Please adjust the security to the intermediate level.

Java version 8 will be blocked due to the security problem.

Please note:Chrome does not support Java.



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