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8.1 DNS set up
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  • Log in Client Area

  • Please click "Domain" >"Manage DNS"

  • Find the domain you need and click the add-on.(Edit Zone)

  • click"Add Record" to add new record. Please refer the below info. for more details.

    Finally please remember to click "Save Changes" if you update any info.


  • If you click "Add Record", then you will see the picture as below.

    Name : Fill in Domain
    Type : Choose what you need. Please refer the below info. for more details.
    TTL stands for ”Time To Live” : Set up a time period of DNS record for cache on DNS server 

    Finally click『Add Record』。

Introduction of Type:

A records:(Address) are used to point a domain or subdomain to an IP address. 
Also can point to web server. Furthermore you can set up second-level domain as well. 

MX records:(Mail exchanger) are used to help route email according the domain owners preference.
What you need to do is fill in the IP of the server, then all the emails under this domain will be transferred to
the mailserver automatically.

CNAME records:(Canonical name) are another commonly used type of DNS entry and
are used to point a host/name to another host/name.

AAAA records:are most commonly used to map hostnames to an IP address of the host.

TXT records:are used to store any text-based information that can be grabbed when necessary.
We most commonly see TXT records used to hold SPF data and verify domain ownership.


  • Always remember to click『Save Changes』


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