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l0.1 How to run a speed test
Posted by on 27 May 2016 06:51 PM


When you order/upgrade your VPS or dedicated server and you would like to know

if the bandwidth meets what you ordered.


Please follow the steps below:


Speed test for Windows:

Please download iso for the stress testing on our official website:

(Using Chrome browser on your VPS or dedicated hosting systems to test is recommended.)


Speed test for Linux:

  1. Please install wget


> Yum -y install wget


Enter “wget” on your system


  1. Please install iperf


> Yum install epel-rele *


> Yum install iperf


Then on your host: iperf -c -w 100M -t 120 -i 10




If the dedicated server or VPS your ordered is with low-level configuration,

the rate of speed will be affected.

Also if you use other programs at the same time while running a speed test,

the rate of speed will be affected as well.


----------Thank you for your time-----------

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