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9.1 How to run MTR
Posted by on 27 May 2016 11:28 AM


When you use our services experiencing slow reaction or high latency,
please use WinMTR to help find out the problem: 

  • Download WinMTR at two spots
    (1) your local desktop  
    (2) Remote desktop

       Please click WinMTR Download, it will show as below:


  • Run a traceroute from your location to our data center and from our data center back to your location. 
  1. From local IP to server IP.
    Please run MTR directly from your local desktop. (Host: the server IP) 
  1. From server IP to your local IP
    Please use Remote Desktop Connection to the server in advance then run MTR. (Host: your local IP)
    If you cannot connect the server then you can ignore this result. 


  • How to run MTR

 1. Host: Enter IP >>> Click "Start"


      ① When the number of “Sent” is more than
200 (Generally wait till the number of loss stable)
      ② Click "Stop"
      ③ Click “Copy Text to clipboard” 
           and then paste or attachment the results on your ticket.  

  • Open a ticket
    Please log in to your client area to open a new ticket with,

    (1) The server IP, and if you can access to the server or not.
    (2) your local IP.
    (3) Bidirectional MTR Results: Paste ③ “Copy Text to clipboard” or attach the result image file.


---------- ----Thank you for your time---------------



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