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7.4 Charge details of CDN
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About  CDN 14-day free trail 

  • The system will stop the service immediately if there is any unusual situation.
  • During the free CDN trial, you can upgrade to official version at any time.
  • Once the free CDN trial finishes, all the CDN resources you have set up will be deleted immediately.

    To

CDN Charge Details

Charging Item: Traffic

Payment: Prepaid credit

Charging Rule: USA /Europe and Asia calculating separately.

                       (Please look up the price details on our official website)

Billing cycle: Per hour (GMT + 8)


Way to generate traffic for CDN services:

If there has a picture which is 10KB on a website, and it has been visited 100 times in 1 hour, so it result 1MB traffic, the system will generates an invoice with 1MB traffic automatically. If there are more web pages, images, etc. are visited on the same website, then the traffic will accumulate.

The system will charge from your CDN Wallet per hour.

If your CDN Wallet is insufficient to pay, the system will stop the CDN service immediately until the CDN Wallet has been refilled.
During the period of stop service, all the resources within the account will offline, all the visit requests will back to the origin. And the console will only can be query, no operation.


How to check your CDN detail?


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