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3.2 How to check bandwidth Graphs and Remote Reboot for dedicated servers
Posted by on 29 January 2016 11:39 AM

If you want to check the bandwidth graph of your service or
operate remote reboot button on our website, please follow below steps:

  • Login Client Area

  • Click “Services”  >  “My Services

  • Find the service that you want to check, then click “Active”.

  • Server Information

  • Down to the page which shows four Bandwidth Graphs.
    Daily (5 minutes)
    Weekly(30 minutes)
    Monthly(2 Hours)
    Annually(1 Day)

  • You can check the bandwidth every month here easily.
    There is a filter option for the third graph.
    As long as you choose the range, and press "Filter", then you can get the results.

    The total bandwidth amounts you used in that month is “ Total In + Total Out”.

    Ex.42.38GB + 58.33GB =100.71GB

  • End of the “Information” page is a "Remote Reboot" button.
    Please kindly be advised that
    Reboot may cause harmful influence to hardware or system of servers.

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